chef Andre Tokev

restaurant ANDRE

"Food is a new experience for me each time. For me food is a mood. Food is music to me. One day you listen to classical music, the next day punk and then jazz. That's what I feel when I cook".

For Chef Andre Tokev cooking is a pleasure achieved through perfectionism and unwavering discipline. His culinary journey has taken him through major hotel chains around the world, including over 10 years as Executive Chef of Hilton Sofia, before establishing his own restaurant ANDRe. For Chefstable02 Andre Tokev has composed an exciting and varied menu based on his extensive experience.

Untiring in his mission to put Bulgaria on the world food map, Andre Tokev is the only holder of Global Masterchef Degree for Eastern Europe, founder and Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Professional Chefs, jury of the prestigious Bocuse d’Or contest for professional chefs and last, but not least, jury of MasterChef Bulgaria TV show.