Chef Dimitar Damyanov

restaurant Este

Dimitar Damyanov’s CV reads like a bucket list of the world's best restaurants: Noma, La Gavroche, The Fat Duck, Savoy Grill, Arzak and the London Ritz. With this enviable experience under his belt and a passion for innovation, it's no wonder he has turned dining at ESTE restaurant into a unique culinary experience. His signature style focusses on bold alliances of the highest quality ingredients from around the world, prepared at low temperatures to retain their goodness and flavour, crowned with local herbs, spices and wild plants. The result is a complex and intriguing journey of discovery that has twice won Damyanov the Restaurant of the Year award for signature cuisine.

After the success of his first Chefstable dinner for 50 guests, Chef Damyanov will treat his guests to a champagne-infused dinner, served in the ornate interior of restaurant ESTE.

“What is the essence of a brilliant dinner? It isn’t just about precisely selecting and preparing each product or about the quality of the wine… it’s the emotional experience that matters. Experience is what every single dish is, a feeling created through senses, a message to be brought by food!”